Diagnosis revelation over at Cancer Care Parcel

This week I’ve had the honour of sharing a guest blog over at the wonderful Cancer Care Parcel.

You can check it out here: cancercareparcel.co.uk/three-little-words

Screenshot (214)

If you haven’t heard of their work, they’re a fantastic organisation who partner with UK charities to helping them with their fundraising activities. They also provide gift box donations and financial support to those in the midst of their own delightful Big C journey, as well as driving awareness campaigns and filling gaps that perhaps aren’t being properly covered within the UK cancer community (AKA the club that nobody wants to be in).

Cancer Care Parcel has a lot of useful content that the team either write themselves or that have been created elsewhere, like by yours truly.

They focus on helping people who are somehow or other stuck in the cancer world – those who have it and those who are caring for people that drew the unlucky straw.

Topics include:

  • What to say and do
  • What not to say or do
  • Products may or may not be suitable as gifts for someone going through treatment for cancer

Their gift parcels look fab. They put them together for adults, teens and younger children and they’re full of things to relieve boredom, ease symptoms and just make yourself feel a bit better!


Find out more at cancercareparcel.co.uk

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